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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We believe we are in a dawn of a global African Renaissance. We believe the Africa we want and need can only be made manifest when Africans, people of African Descent and lovers of Africa reconcile with their authentic selves and adopts a self transcendent paradigm of living. We seek wholeness in our relationship with our fellow men. We seek clarity on our calling and gifts. We acknowledge that we need each other; we know that we all have unique and treasured gifts which when integrated as a whole - in pursuit of the self transcendent goal of channeling the Africa of our vision into Africa and beyond - has great transformational power in its effect. We know out identity as agents of reconciliation among all constituencies in the global African Diaspora.
This page is the first step in building a reconciled community of people of African descent and lovers of Africa who are ready to lock hearts and minds together to do the following:

- Reconcile hearts/minds/talents/resources
- Organize ourselves suitably for productivity
- Liberate stagnated mindsets
- Stir up the empowerment process
- Rebuilt the land of our birth
- Be true to our native lands

In the words of Kwabena Boateng, our Founder and President, "the sustainable growth and progress of Africa can only be meaningful when predicated on the personal liberation of all constituents of the global African Diaspora and the collective reconciliation of Africa and its diaspora across tribes, ethnic groups and the artificial boundaries which have been imposed on our minds as a people. None, but ourselves are accountable for this. "The world makes way for people who know who they are and what they are about" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The following words of Rev. Alexander Crumell to the African Diaspora in the 1890 still hold true for the African Diaspora today

"there seems to me a natural call upon the children of Africa in foreign lands, to come and participate in the opening treasures of the land of their fathers. Though these treasures are the manifest gift of God to the negro race, yet that race reaps but the most partial measures of their good advantage. It has always been thus in the past, and now as the resources of Africa are being more and more developed, the extent of our interest therein is becoming more and more diminutive. The slave-trade is interdicted throughout Christendom; the chief powers of the earth have put a lien upon the system of slavery; interest and research in Africa have reached a state of intensity; mystery has been banished from some of her most secret quarters; sunlight, after ages of darkness, has burst in upon the charmed regions of her wealth and value; and yet the negro, on his native soil, is but ” a hewer of wood and drawer of water;” and the sons of Africa in foreign lands, inane and blinded, suffer the adventurous foreigner, with greed and glut, to jostle him aside and to seize, with skill and effect, upon their own rightful inheritance.


The global African Diaspora must not be left behind as the African Renaissance unfolds; this assertion is a central tenet of this organization

The factors which hinder Africa's progress are moral at their core and pertain to the state of the collective African hearts. Political paradigms and economic paradigms will only address Africa's issues at the symptomatic level and they shall continue to fail unless we look first to the moral and spiritual dislocation of Africa.


Our Leadership Compass

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