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Ms. Cortney Johnson accepted into maiden cohort of Killmonger Birthright Africa Quest

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

About Her

Cortney is an innovative spirit determined to be the change she wants to see. She studied at Georgia Southern University and obtained a degree in Biology and a concentration in Sustainability. While in college, she discovered the importance of our relationship with the earth through activities such as teaching children and adults how to garden. Ever learning and growing, she is currently learning how to farm organically and actually owns all natural organic line of essential body care. She am a very creative person and enjoy things such as writing, rhyming, and anything artsy. Cortney hopes to one day take all of the skills and attributes she has and give back to her community by educating about the connections between ourselves, each other, and the natural world around us.

How she did it:

What is your High School or College Motto and What does it mean to you?

My motto in college was "Everything will work out how it is supposed to as long as you have faith". To me this meant that as long as I believed in a situation working out for the best, it always would and so far, it always has. This still applies to my life today.

Purpose Question: Who are you? What do you live for?

This is a tough question, I am so many things haha. I would sum it up by saying I am a creator living to be the greatness I want to see. I live to connect to myself, others around me, and ultimately to this world that we live in. I do this through creating music and art, farming, and improving the moral of those around me.

From your perspective, what does it mean to your community or Atlanta that you live here?

It means that I can be a tool to shape a better tomorrow, I can take the skills and lessons that I have learned and start to bring it back to my community.

Why do you want to visit West Africa?

I want to learn about the land my ancestors come from and connect to it. I also want to understand the culture and experiences that accompany living in a country ran and owned by the original people.

What unique contribution can Black America offer to the global community of people of African Descent and Africa?

This can give those in Africa a chance to see the culture and behavior of black America; the good, the bad, the ugly. We would also be able to take positive and useful things learned in American culture and combine it with those of African culture and continue to try and empower our people around the world. We could build our own Wakanda.

What unique contribution can Africa offer to the global community of People of African Descent?

A glimpse into and a sense of pride long lost culture and heritage which many of us do not know exists. This new found pride and knowledge can help infuse a sense of purpose and worth so that we can begin to build a stronger generation. It can also offer the oppurtunity to see that Africa is a rich land with rich oppurtunities and not all a waste land the media trys to potray sometimes.

What is the best gift you can be offered and why? This includes a body of knowledge or something material?

The best gift I can be offered is a sense of pride in my culture. Growing up in America kind of leaves you confused about yourself as a black American. You are taught that our history begins with slavery and will end with us forever looking for equality. To be able to go to a place and be given that feeling of inclusion and to know that our history extends way beyond what I was taught is a gift.

If you had any advice for the character Killmonger when he was 16years old? What will it be?

I would tell him that holding onto anger and plotting revenge was like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die, just let it go. Forgiveness is the ultimate cure.

If you had any advice for the grown up Killmonger in the Black Panther Movie, What will it be?

I would tell him that the hate that he harbored would destroy him and everyone around him and to take those feelings of negativity and try to construct them into something positive. Instead of taking the throne and destroying Wakanda by acting out of anger, learn to forgive his people and try to reason with them to extend their riches,

What is the most meaningful community service experience you have had? Why was it meaningful to you?

The most meaningful community service I have experienced was the oppurtunity to teach children about gardening and plants. When we began, many of them thought that vegetables came from the grocery store. Even though food is a necessity to survive, we are brought up with a consumer mindset that you have to depend on stores for everything. It was nice to see them so excited about something so vital.

Next Steps

We now enter the fundraising part of the quest, and through Cortney's demonstrated entrepreneurial ability as well as the creative and innovative fundraising programs planned to compliment her efforts, she is assured to complete the quest. see more about program here

Join in support of Cortney and other cohorts at the first of a series of Fundraising events planned for Sunday, April 22nd at the Eagles Landing Country Club, Stockbridge, Ga. Purchase tickets here

Our fundraising goal for Cortney's participation in program is $3600

Support Cortney!

You can also support Cortney by shopping her product line CocoShaysEssentials at her site. Please share with all your friends.

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