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ADN is thrilled to announce the inaugural lecture of our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Franck Adjogble on “Building Engineering Capacity in Agriculture: A Comprehensive Learning Framework to Unlock Africa's Agricultural Potential”.

Join us on May 11th at 10AM EST for a transformative virtual event with Dr.-Ing. Franck Adjogble, a renowned expert in technology, innovation management, and computer science. 

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Topic: “Building Engineering Capacity in Agriculture: A Comprehensive Learning Framework to Unlock Africa's Agricultural Potential”
🌱 Join us for an insightful exploration into the future of agriculture in Africa!

Dr. Adjogble holds a Ph.D. in Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Hagen, Germany, and has a wealth of experience in developing cutting-edge systems. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. 
With a background in leadership roles in industries such as steel and aluminum rolling, Dr.-Ing Adjogble's global expertise in commissioning and managing rolling mills and automation systems is unparalleled. His passion for education is evident through his mentorship of students in Technology and Innovation Management, guiding them to success.

Africa holds immense agricultural potential, yet challenges such as climate change, limited resources, and lack of technological infrastructure hinder its growth. What if we could use advanced technologies and develop engineering skills to overcome these challenges and unlock new possibilities for sustainable agriculture?
In this lecture, Dr. -Ing.  Adjogble examines how emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Project-Based Learning frameworks can enable engineers, researchers, and farmers to enhance agricultural methods, boost crop yields, and secure food stability for future generations. We will delve into innovative solutions such as virtual simulations of agricultural environments and AI-powered farming techniques that are redefining the future of agriculture in Africa.
Don't miss this exceptional chance to gain insights, connect with industry leaders, and join a transformative movement fueling Africa's agricultural revolution. Whether you're an experienced technologist, an emerging innovator, or just passionate about sustainable development, this lecture is designed for you!

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HBCU Africa Homecoming 2021 Video Event 

The HBCU Africa Homecoming initiative is a 10 year agenda setting, dealmaking, opportunity unleashing convening platform for highest decision making bodies of HBCUs and African Institutions, Student Leaders, Alumni Presidents, Industry, Legislators, C-Suite executives, investors and philanthropists to enter into an unprecedented scale of collaborative partnerships that deal with:

  • Moving the dial on the representation of HBCU and PBI student in study abroad/international programs from less than 6% to at least 10% by 2024 and 15% by 2030

  • Launch of HBCU Africa Engagement Report

  • The History of HBCUs and Africa

  • Best Practices in fostering successful transatlantic educational partnerships

  • Connecting with Alumni

  • Recruitment of Students and Career prospects for HBCU Students

  • Student and faculty exchange

  • Strategic Research, Innovation and Technology Partnerships

  • HBCU Africa Innovation/Entrepreneurship Center


The media launch took place in Atlanta on March 6th, 2020 with Ambassador Andrew Young and Dr. David Wilson, the President of Morgan State University. The initiative  also has the moral support of Dr. Glenda Glover, President of  Tennessee State University and Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, President of Benedict College.

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